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Hi David

2011-03-13 14:51:11 by TyranhTV

David if you are reading this, post a comment below.

Something Funny I Found

2010-11-24 21:40:57 by TyranhTV

Mega Man Volvo


2010-09-12 20:11:37 by TyranhTV

Hello, go to my Youtube Channel to see my videos, I am working on some new films.


2010-08-16 13:45:19 by TyranhTV

Recently I have found some pretty freakin' awesome artists here on newgrounds. Such as Zeebarf, Eddsworld, and more. I effing love this website and nothings going to change it!



2010-07-13 14:02:56 by TyranhTV

I heard this was a really good website to join, so I did